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Arago's Science consortium was created in 2010 and currently includes about 250 scientists from 22 countries all over the world, who defined the science goals and requirements for Arago. The Science consortium is lead by the Arago PI (Coralie Neiner) and is organised in 9 Working Groups covering the following topics: O stars (lead: Y. Naze), BA stars (lead: D. Bowman), solar-type stars (lead: S. Boro Saikia), very cool stars (lead: J. Morin), pre-main sequence (PMS) stars (lead: C. Manara), evolved stars (lead: E. Josselin), the interstellar medium (lead: V. Lebouteiller), exoplanets (lead: A. Vidotto and C. Haswell), and solar system objects (lead: J.-Y. Chaufray).
Arago's Payload consortium was created in 2012 to design the Arago mission and currently includes about 60 engineers and scientists. The Payload consortium is lead by the Arago PI (Coralie Neiner) and is organised in 12 WorkPackages in the various participating countries. In particular, the polarimeter, dichroic, and optical bench are designed in France, the telescope in UK, the UV spectrograph in Spain, the Visible spectrograph in Italy, the detection chains and fine-guiding systems in Germany, the calibration box in Belgium, the main electronic hardware and software in Austria and Poland, the Science Data Center is prepared by Sweden and Switzerland.