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Mission concept: The Arago mission aims at obtaining high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of all types of stars in the UV and Visible domains. It will observe stars over the full sky during 3 years, to measure their spectrum and polarisation.
Planned targets: Arago will obtain observations of a Legacy survey sample of a few thousands stars. In addition, it will perform observations of targets selected through calls for proposals. This will include snapshot observations for surveys, detailed mapping of stars over the rotational period of 60 stars, and targets of opportunity.
Consortium: The Science Consortium of Arago includes about 250 scientists from 22 countries. The Payload Consortium, in charge of preparing the mission, includes 10 European countries.
Schedule: Arago is proposed to ESA in 2022 for its M7 mission. The launch of M7 is expected in 2037.