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Arago has undergone a Phase 0 study funded by the French Space Agency (CNES). The Arago Payload consortium studied the various parts of the instrument to propose the best possible mission and show its feasibility. In addition, industrial studies by Airbus Defense & Space (ADS) and Glyndwr Innovations concentrated on the design of the platform and telescope, respectively.
Arago is proposed as an answer to ESA's M7 call. It has successfully passed the Phase-1 selection in the Spring 2022 and is currently evaluated for the Phase-2 selection. Results of the M7 selection of 2 or 3 missions is expected in November 2022.
If Arago is selected in 2022, a Phase 0/A study will be performed for about 2.5 years. A new round of evaluation at ESA will then result in the final selection of the M7 mission in 2025.
If selected in 2025 as ESA's M7 mission, Arago would be launched from Kourou in 2037 on a Ariane 6.2 rocket to reach an orbit around L2.